Shunned By Peers Despised By "Gurus"

Marketing veteran exposes the simple truth.

  • Websites are not income generators.

  • Social media posting is not an income generator.

  • Traditional offline media is a waste of advertising dollars.

  • There are only two forms of advertising that work and one is absolutely free.

  • Everything is marketing and should lead to a sale. Sales are the results of marketing.


  • The majority of "consultants" that call or email a local business have no knowledge of marketing, advertising or
  •  sales.

Simple, pre-made emails are booking $5,000 - $15,000 checks from local business owners.

>>> Restaurant Owners Are Paying $997 Per Month For 'Web Notifications' <<<

>>> $500/hour to post on Facebook and Instagram <<<

They are paying $5000 a month to anyone that can help them...

*** Yes, these are candid statements to make. As a disclaimer please note that my candor has no meaning of disrespect to my fellow peers in the "consultant" community.